Pre & Post Wedding

Pre Wedding is undeniably one of the most significant days in a person’s life, and so is the journey leading up to it. This journey must be captured and cherished, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes, all you need is simply, gorgeous, tucked-away locations and a sprinkle of magic with the camera. Pre-Wedding Shoot to capture yours and your significant other’s excitement and happiness of being able to spend the rest of your life with each other.

Post Wedding photo shoots are special because the couple can do different things with time and locations that probably will not have the wedding day. In addition, you can choose the best time to take advantage of natural light to shoot post-wedding photography. The actual bonding between a newly-wed couple takes place after the wedding is over and the last guest has left. Take beautiful shots of the couple together – holding hands, walking in the park or just sitting close to each other sharing a memorable time with the post-wedding shoot.

Wedding Photography

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Surely you want the best of everything, be it the wedding outfits, venue, decor, food or the wedding photographer.

Choosing the Right Candid Photographer is very important, as it is they who will capture all the big and small details of your wedding day. There are many other details that need to be sorted out for a wedding, but the photographer will be providing the only tangible, lasting record of the day.

Long after the wedding is done, food is finished and flowers have wilted, Photos are the only things that will remain for eternity.

Candid Photography

Candid photography is for people who are not much impressed with the traditional “smile-cheese-click” photography. Focus on your wedding while our photographers focus on the actions happening around you and your partner. Our experienced and brilliant photographers mingle with people and capture the most awesome moments in a very candid way without the knowledge of the subject. These are the moments that will kindle your beautiful weddings moments, making you feel as just-married even after many years. Our shutterbugs have an eye for details and they don’t miss even a part of your important day. Stay calm and leave us with the responsibility of freezing one of the biggest days of your life in candid frames.

Couples Portraits

When was the last time you captured memories as a couple? Let Mani Creations capture those special memories with exquisite couple portraits using creative photography techniques at their photo studio in Bangalore.

Whether you are a brand new couple or a seasoned couple who might be celebrating your golden jubilee, stop by at Mani Creations capture those special moments through exquisite couple portraits or family portraits. Our creative photography services in Bangalore are very unique and contemporary when compared to the traditional photo studios. We, at Mani Creations, understand how important it is to capture your unique personality in your couple portraits or family portraits

Maternity Photography

Maternity is Life changing experience and the most wonderful and memorable phase for a mom-to-be. The body goes through a whole lot of change, the beauty and glow exhibited during this period is very unique. The journey is composed of different emotions starting from joy, eagerness, stress and fear.

Maternity photo shoot is the perfect way to document all the emotions which you can cherish for life long. Each shoot lasts for around 2 to 3 hours and will be creative and unique to each client. Before the Session we discuss with our client’s to understand their expectations and later the shoot is executed to get creative and artistic postures with you and your loved ones.

New Born Photography

The best emotions of the baby can be captured immediately after they are born and in general, the newborn photography session can be planned within their first year. The newborn photography session will be relaxed and comfortable and the whole session will be paced upon depending on their feeding and sleeping schedule. Various props will be used to capture beautiful and artistic photos of your newborn.

The newborn photography shoot can be planned both indoor and outdoor. For babies less than 6 month's we do only indoor photo shoot and for babies around one year we can plan for outdoor shots also. We shoot with both natural and studio lights. Indoor shoots can be executed at your residence and outdoor shoots at any locations of your choice within the city.

Toddler Photography

The babies are most active during their toddler phase and they start to talk, walk, run learn and perform many more new activities and the parents are always on their toe to monitor them. Toddler Photography session helps you to document these precious milestones and activities.

These new activities which they do need to be photographed and framed and decorated on your walls. Toddlers are the toughest to photograph as they do not give us a specific pose and we work with their flow to get their natural poses as much as possible and the due course gets the pose that we need.

Toddler Photography session lasts for three to four hours and is conducted at your residence and outdoor shoots can be done at any location of your choice. The photo session includes creative postures with siblings and family members.Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Kids love to have beautiful photos and always are excited to share them with their friend's circle. They give beautiful expressions and want to be shot in most lovable way. Kids Photography Session starts with knowing the kid and their interests and making them comfortable so that they get involved completely in the shoot.

Birthday Functions

Photographing children isn’t always easy – and photographing ‘the birthday party’ presents it’s own unique opportunities and challenges as a photographer.

Another way to add interest to the shots is to focus in on the details of the party. I find that many of these shots are best taken before the guests arrive and might include shots of the cake, photos of balloons and other decorations, photos of presents stacked, shots of a set party table.

Family Portrait

Mani Creations offers the best family portrait photography what makes us truly unique is the rare ability of our photographers to capture the different personalities of your different family members into one single portrait. Our Family Portraits & Family Photo services are very unique and contemporary when compared to the traditional photo studios in Bangalore.

When you walk into Mani Creations, you will understand how a Photo Studio is supposed to work. With experienced photographers and pleasant staff and a state of the art Photography studio, your family photography session will be one to remember.

Model Shoot

At Mani Creations we believe in providing full professional photography solutions to our valuable clients, that's why we also undertake professional fashion shoots where whole team of professionals are involved to achieve great professional results.

So all the manufacturers no matter what you make... if you want to have an extra edge over your current and potential competitors in terms of marketing your products in more professional, fashionable, trendy way & off course with affordable price tag we are the right choice.

So if you have any queries please approach us with your brief and we would provide our best service to it.

Product Photography

If you're looking for clean, clear, & crisp photos of your products with fast service and affordable rates, you've come to the right place! Contact us today to get started for e-commerce / Product photography.

We have the experience to shoot almost any kind of product under the sky… “From pin to airplane” and just to assist our experience we have the most professional & latest cameras, lenses, lighting & shooting equipment.

Event Photography

Bangalore has become a corporate hub, global corporate companies and leaders are setup here. When organization plans events and parties its also important to cover with professional approach. Mani Creations offers best covering such events with dedicated photographers. We offer customized packages for each event according to the crowd. Enjoy your events with Mani Creations.

Other Functions

Mani Creations conducts Other photography like Matrimonial Photography, House Warming Photography, Puberty Photography, Outdoor Portraits, Special Occasions, Naming Ceremony, Mom & Me, Dad & Me etc...

Wedding Web & whatsapp Service

Let us design you a clean, elegant and usable wedding website for your special day.

Wedding Site Features -

Wedding day page - Venue Information Page.

About Wedding - Gives you story about the wedding couples.

Reception page - Full details, map, nearest hotels for your reception venue.

Full Details page - All other details for your special day.

Photo gallery showing as many photos as you want from your special day - Upload as many photos as you need.

Food & Beverage Photography

Photography consists of various genres that are very interesting to learn especially for people who are really into taking pictures and capturing that decisive remarkable moment in one’s life. Food is one of the most remarkable subjects for photography since every person just could not live without eating. Food photography is a team effort. One of the most popular genres of photography nowadays is food photography. This is a very interesting art in producing great pictures of food in a perfect angle.

Travel Photography

Every place we visit has its own particular look, feel, charm and ambiance. The local people add character and personality to the place. If we want photographs of our travels to be more than just pretty snaps, they should capture all of these qualities, and say as much about a place as give the literal look & feel of it.

We are unlikely to remember the awe of waking up and gazing at the majestic mountains in front of us, the smell of a pine forest, the caress of a tropical breeze, the adrenaline of river rafting for the first time, the wonder of spotting animals in the wild, or the serenity of falling asleep to the sound of a river flowing by. Our photographs need to bring these and other sensations back, to trigger our memories, and to communicate how we felt to others.

It’s rightly said “A picture is worth a thousand words.”